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Grand Prix Sydney 2014
August 22-24 2014
Howie Complex : Olympic Park
Magic 2015 Sealed Deck, with day 2 draft.
Grand Prix Sydney starts at 9am SHARP on Saturday 23rd August.
ARTISTS: R.K. Post and Steven Belledin.

Download the Waiver: You mush have your Parent / Guardian sign this if you are under 18.  If over 18, this will be available at the venue.

GP Sydney Registration is now open:

Grand Prix Sydney Playmat by R.K. Post:

Simply play in a Grand Prix Trail on the Friday 22nd, to get a playmat while stocks last.

GP Sydney Playmat copySMALLFRONT FLYER:Sydney FRONT flyersmMIDDLE FLYER:Sydney Middle FLyersm

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